The TG789vn is a common product amongst ISPs.

If you want to use it only as an ATA box (for the phone) and as modem then that makes sense as other units have better functionality and more flexible user interfaces. Setting up a router with faster WiFi, functionality to have closed/public WiFi, Gb switching and so much more make a lot of sense. But in order to do this you wat to kill the DHCP and NAT functionality of the unit.

Attach to it using the WiFi credentials you received with it.

Mine is hardcoded to appear at (and YES, the software is QUITE old, but my ISP do not push updates unless you point that us a known issue. I guess they apply “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, whereas my own principle is more “If it can be updated, then update”).

Telia users are said to contact the service desk. When I did the same for Bredbandsbolaget/Telenor, I was adviced to run the guide and define Bridge mode, but this didn’t happen. The guide hangs when I test it and if I get bridge mode or not seems quite random.

Thomson interfaceHow to fiddle yourself: Access the webinterface at Press the Thomson Gateway and then the Setup My Thomson Gateway.

Under the Home Network -> Interfaces -> Local Network -> Configure (top right – easy to miss!) you can define the DHCP and Auto IP. Disabling DHCP is the first thing you need in order to have both the modem and your router do this.

Optionally, this guide is said to do the same;

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