Visiting my mom, and she want’s to see Intouchables. Now that’s a challenge.serviio

The TV is a Samsung 42″ thing with some sort of “smart TV” functionality. As we know, this means that it can work as client.

Attaching my PC (Win 8) and adding the movie (in MKV format) didn’t really do the trick. Server not sufficiently smart. The movie didn’t show up, which I assume is as WMP doesn’t have MKV support, right?

Quick search suggested Serviio.  Nice. Only hick-up was that you need to start the console and do the settings. Aftet that it plainly works.

This is where it should have ended but Serviio – from 2012 – didn’t imprint the subs in the film and the MKV included sub wasn’t accessible via the Smart Tv client.

Subtitles is quite needed for a French film. Needed to pick up Handbrake and make a burn in version of the source file. Quickly done on a modern PC. Burn in was not selectable on handbrake – only “default” which is something else.

Next, tried Samsung PC Manager 4.2. Uninstalled. Now THAT’S LAME!

Next, KooRaRoo…

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