Having a peek at the IOS7 updates (links to a page in Swedish – sorry);

* Split of the notification (slide from the lower side) from the notification. Minor.

* Better multitasking. Great. Possibly puts it up to par with competition.

* Safari merges search and address entry field. Chrome and Firefox had this ages ago.

* Safari Keychain. Great that it supports this, but I thought this was also a commodity. I use a 1password to have a common solution across browsers.

* Airdrop. Nice sharing. Bump and Bluetooth sharing does the same, but I guess this looks nicer.

* Gallery moments. The galley app in my HTC One X+ had this months ago. So this is a mere and minor “me to” function.

* SIRI updates. Didn’t we all agree that SIRI was a really kewl gimmick that had very little practical use? Especially for those of us not having English as our mother tongue?

* App Store will show apps popular in your proximity. Minor.

* Unlimited space in a folder. Great addition, but it’s honestly a quite minor feature.

* iTunes Radio adds streaming. Nice, very nice.

* Activation lock – Also very nice new feature. Still quite minor.

* Graphical updates – Wasn’t that about time? I’m not saying it became better or worse but a general refresh makes sense. Hygiene update I’d say.

In all; the updates get smaller and smaller. The above is sufficient for a 6.1 update, but not really a 7.0.

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