2015-11-01 13.06.44Dear Fitbit,

Me and my family are dedicated users of your products. The ecosystem is great and when things work as they should, it’s simply swell. But sometimes you make it really difficult for me to like you…

  • The Flex – Dropped it several times and eventually lost it in the streets of Yangon, Myanmar. The locking system is quite poor. Looking at Ebay it’s quite evident that others agree, as there are so many selling a small little product that seals the lock.
  • The Force – Same lock mechanism, slightly bigger – dropped it a number of times, but I was always lucky enough to get it back every time
  • The Force – I got the rash 🙁
  • Returning the Force after the rash, I got a cheque that I could convert into cash. Banks claim half of that money when they manage the transactions, so what I could get from it was still a fraction of what I paid for the unit. I ended up having an expired document, so I never got anything back. 🙁
  • I asked if I could rather use the sum as credit to shop in the Fitbit shop. That was not an option. 🙁
  • The Surge – functionally, an excellent piece of equipment, but build quality is not. After only a few months the wristband broke. Got a free replacement, but now that one also broke, and I have initiated a claim for a replacement (See picture).
  • All models – I understand that the Flex needs a proprietary charger, but what about standard cables for the other models? I’m truly sick of travelling, realising that I forgot the special cable and ending up with a Fitbit (which is also my watch) that is dead. Not only is the special cable a principle nuance – it’s also so that they are never sold in any physical shop. Travelling, I can’t shop on-line so that is still no option.

So my requests would be;

  • Redesign the Surge into a V2 with replaceable wrist bands. Watches developed into the way they look today for a reason. Pins and replaceable wristbands. Parts that wear out shall be possible to replace. Simple logics!
  • Redesign the Surge into a V2 with standard MicroUSB or USB-C connector
  • If I need to claim money back, please give the customer the option to use the sum in your shop. There is no benefit for either of us to feed parts of the sum to the banks.
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