Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

Registering as interested in the Fitbit Surge I got the oportunity to order it just before Christmas and have been using it since. These are my initial findings;

It’s bigger that it looks. The wrisband on normal watches narrow down after the actual piece, but this extends to the same width around the arm. I tend to sweat under the band and I hence find that the width is negative and that there is no functional benefit of the width but a negative impact of the design choice.

It looks as a normal watch and not the snap on choice of the older version. I love this change, as I lost a Fitbit Flex when it “unsnapped” without me noticing.

I got the Fitbit rashes from fro Fitbit Force. I have had no problems with this one.

I haven’t cross references the heart rate monitor with something else but to the best of my understanding it works well.

Sleep tracking is fully automatic. Even sleep interrupted is correctly split into two sections. No double tapping as per the Flex.

You need to activate an exercise to start the GPS which is a good choice. Not wasting battery by running it 24/7.

The types of exercises available are much fewer than in for example Endomondo. The logical distribution that running is not a subset of exercise is also not fully logical.

What to I miss in software is that I would like to option that it flips back to clock mode if not touched for a while.

Over all I am MOST please with the new unit. It tracks what I want, and does it really well.


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