Sometimes syncs go havoc and you run into the mess of duplicates. If this havoc includes pictures, then there are special tools for this situation:


This is a program I love to hate. So many good features. I do SERIOSULY hate the fact that handling people is virtually impossible if you are more than you sharing the view to a common folder of pictures. You have duplicate entries for the same people, and if you delete (which you can’t even do with all of them) you risk having contacts in your Google account disappear.

One of the features thatis there is a dupe killer.

This video describes it better than I can do in text.


duplicate-photosAwesome Duplicate Photo Finder

This is a really a great piece of program that I recommend for the purpose.

This one doesn’t just capture pictures that are 100% binary identical but with a different name. This also finds resizes, crops and  modified pictures. Plain amazing. On the negative side, it’s seems it gets increasingly slower per picture you include in your search, so if you can partition the search then that’s what I suggest.

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