Just some brief reflections on the new HTC One (“HO”) vs my current handset, the HTC One X+ (“HOX” )

First, the obvious parts would be the technical;

HTC One vs HTC One X+

HTC One vs HTC One X+


The HO surface is all aluminium whereas the HOX is rubber. The aluminium gives a solid quality feel, but it’s more slippery and quite honestly – it gets hot and that’s not all comfortable. The instant feeling of quality is soon converted to discomfort of the warmth.

So the HOX wins this, and wins clearly


The HOX is slightly wider, but the HO is slightly taller. The screen is – from just comparing them – pretty equally big. It’s quite clear that the resolution of the HO is slightly higher but the colours are somewhat pale. I guess one can argue that the pale is more natural and looking at the same picture on both handsets (taken with the HOX a few days ago) I would also argue that the HO is more natural.

So; The HO wins this category




The physical ones are the same; volume up/down and poser on/off. The HO power button doubles as IR emitter, which gives interesting opportunities. The HO has one less soft button; the menu one one. No big thing. The MicroUSB port is on the bottom of the HO which is an advantage for usage with external soundsystem and for me it’s also more convenient with the passive hover in the car.

So, pretty equal.


Now this is a big difference. The stereo speakers of the HO are seriously impressive  The Beats audio was already in the HOX, so for earphones the difference is not relevant but if you want to use the phone itself I would argue you need no external speakers with the HO – it’s downright impressive.

So; The HO wins a knockout victory.

Power under the hood

You can read specs and find that it both has 1.7GHz quad core. The HO has 2GB RAM wherea the HOX has 1GB RAM. Clearly and advantage but let’s not exaggerate the practical significance. To the HOX advantage is that HOX has 64GB RAM whereas the HO has only 32GB in the version available. Both suffer from not having any MicroSD.

So, pretty equal and honestly I would say it’s better to have the 64GB of the HOX with less operational RAM but it’s all up to your appreciation of storage vs performance.


Not yet able to say anything on this.


Another KEY advantage of the Ho is the fact that it supports 4G on 800/1800/1900.

So; The HO wins this category comfortably.

2013-05-11 17.01.43Camera

There has been a lot of talking about the HO ultrapixels and the 4Mpixel resolution of the HO. There is a lot of near-religious views on this so I am yet to explore the real life effects so I will skip this section of the test. I’m just leaving an example to the right, adding “brövel” and hockey. Zooming the low level details are far from perfect, whereas the HOX is quite good.

The HO has higher resolution in video. Agian, is this important to you?

So; I don’t judger here. I need more time so get a real opinion and have pictures in more situations to compare between.


My HOX is rooted and use Elegancia. Optimised and fluent, and I have chosen the Nova launcher. Great to not have the bloatware installed, but hiding apps gives basically the same experience so it’s not a big thing either.

There are new nice features of Sense5.  The tiled page, which shows extracts of the social feeds you have defined. I’m still in an interim period where I am ambivalent if I will use Nova or stay with Sense, but for now I have reverted back to Sense as default and launch Nova as an app when I want to. The only trouble with this is that I’m used to Nova using horizontal scrolling in the program manager whereas the sense on is vertical.

It should also be noted that HTC is now really known to keep their handsets on the most current version of Android. The HO is still on 4.1.1 and not 4.2 as should be anticipated.


These are two REALLY good phones, and it’s somewhat strange that Android people are so Samsung prone.

The HOX provides EXCEPTIONAL value for money. If you can live without 4G and don’t have issues with the quite poor speakers, then this is still a great option. My favourite provider, Dustin, sells the HOX (the plus edition) at a rate of 3199 SEK + VAT.

The HO brings 4G, great speakers, some new nice features with Sense5. And it will cost you 4799 SEK + VAT  and you have to be able to live with the heat of the body.

In all, the HO is the overall better choice but in all honesty, unless money is not an issue I would go for the HOX+ as the value for money is better. With HO you pay a lot for the quite restricted extra features.

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