Samsung Galaxy GT-9000

Let’s assume you have a corporate phone, which you are to hand in. They will likely perform the cleaning, but one cannot be sure that they will. If they don’t, a new employee will get access to your Google account – including the possibility to procure new apps on your expense, read you Gmail and so on. In all – you want it cleared and you shouldn’t trust someone else to do it for you.

Samsung Galaxy GT-9000 will not allow you to remove the Google account from the accounts menu. This option is only available from the Privacy menu (the one with a piece of a brown fence) – go figure why it’s placed there. Anyway; in the end it calls for an eight figure code, and given that this was a corporate phone that was to be returned to the employer, that code is not accessible for me. Bugger!

But there is an option which is on the “hacker level”, without requirement to open shells and type commands, and much less than soldering.

1) Shut off the phone (remove battery to be sure)

2) Press the home button, the volume up and the power button at the same time. When the Samsung text of white shows, you can release the power button. Fiddle with it till you get it right if you fail the first time.

3) This will open the native “Recovery” menu. Many of us with rooted handset are well acquainted with the Clockwork Mod Recovery and it’s siblings. This is the same but very much scaled down. Navigate with volume and select with home. Clear cache (just in case) and most importantly clear the data. That’s it.

4) Select reboot and when the phone boots up it will go in the same sort of mint status it had after unboxing. You Will go through the opening wizard where you select language and all of that.

best of luck!



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