I did previously write about rooting and insalling a custom ROM on the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini.

I had trouble with

# the screen not really fading up and

# WiFi issues – not finding networks that other handsets could see.

# Updating the Gmail client from Android market didn’t work – complains of problems in the package.

# Searches on market came up dry but the same program was suggested and installing it was fine (Endomondo)

Since I did quite few user additions to it, there was not much work lost by testing something else.

A few learnings was that this RemiX10 is possibly not the most stable release of the system so I just installed GingerDX. Let’s see how that behaves. Please note that this is version 005, and there is a version 006 but as I understand it only for the X8.

First experience – It allowed be to select a number of applications I would like to batch download. Nice. But I am on 3G data on my personal “lab” subscription without flatrate data. Not so nice. I had to interrupt and set WiFi.


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