There are great tools for upgrading the X10 mini to the most recent Android version, but it’s hacking and not supported so all on your own risk.

1) Root the phone

This version of rooting worked well for me on

Do also allow it to install BusyBox – that is one of the options given during the progress.

2) Install Xrecovery

The version I found here worked for me

3) Install Remix

I found it here. The author is Italian, wrote his text in Italian and used Google translate to get it into english which you can tell from a text that quite often is pretty hard to understand.

The quick version of the key part is:

1) Download the Remix file – Use the mediafire link in the middle of the text. Please mind that there is a lite version but the guy basically says that it will cause you problems so I left it alone. Copy it to the SD card on a place

2) Start xrecovery and use the “Factory Reset” option (Once xrecovery is installed you launch it by pressing the back arrow repeatedly during a reboot, just when you see the “Sony Ericsson” white text on black background).

3) From xrecovery select “install custom zip” and select the Remix version you downloaded. Once it’s done, reboot the phone and let it boot to the system

4) Allow the system to perform the start-up configuration.

5) Reboot back and start Xrecovery using the back arrow again.

6) Selecte the fixes you wanted to install and reboot once your done.

You should now have a small little Gingerbread in your hand! Enjoy!

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