It’s obviously so that setting up a PC with the opportunity to obtain card information from a reader on another unit is more of a challenge than anticipated from start. These things are not typically done by the people who are big fans of bling bling and fancy user interfaces. Three letter abbreviations, ranges of numbers and tick boxes en masse at best (config files that needs text editor access if you want to change them if you fancy the “challenging” solutions).

Anyway; some added knowledge on my behalf:

It shows that you need MDAPI Filter to get started, and the the WinCSC is a plugin to the MDAPI Filter. Many of the tutorials found are for older version of the Mediaportal software. From version 1.0 you can’t follow the older ones, and you can’t use the version of the MDAPI that you might have come across to do the trick. (DVBView has the MDAPI support built in o that might actually be a <€20 investment worth consideration).

Dive into this forum for details and tutorials from the guys who did the programs.

The project’s homepage:Here

Plugins: Here

Here you can also fine a recent version of WinCSC.

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