Roaming process management

Roaming is typically handled by people with mixed competences that are placed in different parts of the organisation. IREG testing is an engineering task, TADIG a IT/Billing task, Roaming management might be product management and ensuring everybody involved does the right ting means that a common repository for priorities, directions and status is maintained. In most cases, a simple Excel file on the LAN is the solution.

We all know the problems that Excel file on LAN brings – only one person at a time can have write access, and what is the IREG team wants to report progress if the roaming coordinator had it open while leaving the office for the day.

The other option is that everybody maintains their own file, with regular coordination meetings. Keeping versions in sync is then the challenge and new instructions on priorities aren’t propagated until the next meeting.

Roaming process management needs

  • A coherent view for all participants on priorities, status and progress
  • A multi-user environment where all users can read and write data
  • An application on top of a database, as that enables reporting from an arbitrary set of criteria in the database
  • A database that doesn’t require any dedicated hardware nor software. Database servers are expensive and this is quite unnecessary for a small application and small data volumes


  • MODS is a program proven in live production since 2001
  • MODS is developed by Roaming Manager Pontus Berg, and is hence developed to suite the very same needs your Roaming organisation are likely to have
  • MODS is stable, reliable and to the point. No excessive, non-relevant functionality is implemented but it should cover all the relevant needs
  • MODS will turbo charge your roaming process by easing cross functional coordination and in the end save you lots of effort and ultimately also money
  • Having a database with progress in it, will allow you to deliver exact, but effortless reporting on the fly. The built in reports will do the basics, but taking it to the next level is a matter of connecting Excel to the database and use the information to do what you what! Launches last week, last month, graphs per service, agreements you never got countersigned, where do we have SIMs but no C7 confirmation – only the sky is the limit!