Digital rot eats disks and tapes from the glory days of the Commodore64. If you sit on the only copy of something, you are responsible to ensure that it’s not forever lost.

This is what to do!

A) Preservation tool – pushing the data to the shared repository

# CommodoreDbToolshed

The tool to explore the D64 and submit it to the repository.

B) Reading the 5.25″ disks

# d2d64

Use the PC with a 1541/71 connected using a ZoomFloppy or compatible interface.

# WarpCopy

Use the PC connected to a C64, which in it’s rurn is connected to a disk drive.

C) Reading Turbo tapes

# Spectacular Copy

Transfer files saved using turbo tape.

D) Hardware for d2d64

In addition you need a standard PC running Windows and the following hardware:

# With a 1571 we recommend the XUM1541. The 1751 doesn’t need any parallell cable to run at full speed.

# With a 1541 we recommend ZoomFloppy

A much clumsier interface but it also support a parallel cable as one of the old standard ones can be connected to one of the edges of the card.

E) Hardware for WarpCopy

You need a c64, a diskdrive and to connect then you need a working Ethernet connection. We recommend RR-net MK3 for this purpose.

RR-net can run independantly but as you also want to load the CodeNet client to the C64 and RR_net takes the cart port, fitting the RR-net inside a TurboChameleon has clear advantages.…/produkt-…/product/Turbo_Chameleon_64.html

We also recommend this search engine:…/commodore/disk-image-search…

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