Telefonica report on A2P SMS

For all of us interested in the A2P business, this is an interesting read from one of the leading operator groups.

Report summary
Full report

A few take aways:

“The report, an investigation into the enduring success and economy drivers of the SMS market in 2015, investigates the development of SMS and its application for business, finding that the ability of SMS to reach 99.99 per cent of mobile devices globally with a 90 per cent read rate in minutes, makes it perfectly placed for businesses to reach customers regardless of geography and demographic.”

“… report shows that despite the enormous popularity of the app economy for P2P (person-to-person) communications, the size and scale of opportunity in the SMS market has solidified its position as a valuable and attractive market for businesses, evidenced by 22 per cent global growth in the A2P or bulk SMS market in 2014-15.”

“The financial services industry is leading the way in use of A2P in terms of overall usage and our figures show that SMS is being used more often than app-based messaging for customer engagement” said Joanne Lacey, COO of MEF, who also contributed to the report. “Interestingly nearly one quarter of consumers have never received an SMS from a business, indicating an opportunity for continued growth in this channel. Our focus is on developing a framework for a clean and transparent ecosystem to ensure a sustainable future of messaging.”

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