Report on A2P

In the news flow today this post:

“Mobilesquared, a leading provider of mobile intelligence and customer insight, has today released its global A2P Databook which reveals that the A2P messaging market was worth $12.88 billion in 2015. This will rise to $58.75 billion in 2020 as mobile operators invest in next-generation SMS revenue assurance platform to unlock the gold-mine of white-route messages.”

Mobilesquared does work for companies in several sectors, but I am assuming this is ordered by Tyntec, given that Tyntec work with them.

Looking at other figures from other sources, these seem quite low, but it all boils down to how one counts. A message that goes between several providers can be counted several times, which might give the perception that the market is shrinking if a middle man is cut and message flow is optimised.

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